Teddy Bear Band’s purpose is to provide children with entertainment, music and products that encourage each child to participate and interact in developmentally appropriate ways. The Teddy Bear Band strives to help children gain and maintain a positive sense of self, as well as an appreciation of their own abilities with music that also nurtures learning and socialization.

Positive values experienced through music at our performances include:

  • Laughing, having fun and finding positive “escape” through imagination. These are all worthwhile uses of time and are deserving of attention by children and adults to feel renewed and revitalized.
  • Being a kid, and doing kid things like playing with a Teddy Bear. This is a stage of life to be enjoyed and celebrated.
  • Maintaining positive self-esteem.
  • Respecting others & helping others.
  • Being part of a supportive & loving family.
  • Being responsible & taking care of the Earth.

The Teddy Bear Band hopes all kids, especially from toddlers through elementary age children, enjoy coming to a Teddy Bear Band concert. Teddy Bear Band has an additional goal that our music be considered pleasant and palatable by adults, encouraging parent/child interaction.

Participation and interaction are cornerstone concepts in the foundation and function of Teddy Bear Band. Musical and entertainment content are shaped and focused through the lenses of our cornerstone concepts.

Our shows are intended to give audience members a sense of being connected with each other, and accepted in a larger context. Parents are encouraged to participate with their children, as audiences at Teddy Bear Band performances, and in our
recorded music.


Please take a moment look at our promotional video below! This four minute production will introduce you to band members and some of their fans, both large and small.

Also check out a Teddy Bear Band live concert and see the band in action!

Teddy Bear Barn Dance

TBB shows such as TEDDY BEAR BAND BARN DANCE & others generate a high level of fun & participation! History, literacy, culture, family values & your educational goals are demonstrated within a developmentally appropriate, musically entertaining show that supports Academic Standards!