Information and resources to make your TBB show a success!

Teddy Bear Band Coloring Page

Our coloring page is formatted to be able to function as a poster. Print one, put in your event information and then copy as many as you need. Have the kids color them.

These “original art” posters attract attention because each one has a unique appearance and kids feel special because their art work is displayed in a public place!

Download a pdf version of the coloring page now!

Download Our Coloring Page!

Teddy Bear Band Bear Questionnaire

In addition, our “Bear Questionnaire” page is a good activity to distribute to remind kids and families about your upcoming Teddy Bear Band concert. Parents save these for a scrapbook and re-interview their child at different ages. Print as many as you need.

Download a pdf version of the Bear Questionnaire now!

Answer Our Bear Questionnaire!

BYOTB (Bring Your Own Teddy Bear)

Whenever possible promote BYOTB (Bring Your Own Teddy Bear). Although teddy bears are not required for a successful show, they add to the fun and open up additional opportunities to connect with kids and communicate concepts to them.

Teddy Bear Review Article

The Teddy Bear Band’s main goal is to provide children with entertainment, music and products that encourage each child to participate and interact in developmentally appropriate ways. To read further about the Teddy Bear Band, download the pdf of version of the Teddy Bear Review magazine article featuring the Teddy Bear Band.

Download a Review

Live Performance Description For Press

Since 1985 Teddy Bear Band has joyfully engaged children, families, and stuffed friends being the sole winner of the MINNESOTA MUSIC AWARD and is the only children’s artist ever honored with MINNESOTA PARENT’S FAMILY FAVORITE AWARD along with 2 proclamations for TEDDY BEAR BAND DAY in the State of Minnesota.

Teddy Bear Band is nationally recognized by child development and family experts being a featured presenter for NAEYC, MNAEYC, STOUT STATE Early Childhood Conference, MNAFEE, & others. TBB is inducted in the MINNESOTA MUSIC HALL of FAME has been considered by THE SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION for historical documentation.

The State of Minnesota and Governor Honor the Teddy Bear Band…AGAIN! See the proclamation on our HONORS web page. In honor of Teddy Bear Band’s 20th Anniversary and support of education and families, the State of Minnesota and Governor Pawlenty proclaimed September 10th as TEDDY BEAR BAND DAY throughout the State of Minnesota and performed immediately preceding the official Minnesota Sesquicentennial Statehood Celebration Ceremonies May 18, 2008 at 6 p.m. at the MN State Capital.

Teddy Bear Band: BEST CHILDREN’S MUSIC ARTIST for young children and family events. The Teddy Bear Band is consistently recognized as the “BEST CHILDREN’S MUSIC ARTIST” without exception! The Teddy Bear Band is the only children’s artist ever honored with the MN PARENT MAGAZINE’S FAMILY FAVORITES AWARD since 1988. This award is chosen by parents, children, and the general public. THe same is true since 1988 with the MINNESOTA MUSIC AWARD form the MINNESOTA MUSIC ACADEMY, chosen by musicians and music industry professionals.

Short Performance Description For Press

Guaranteed family fun… “YOU’RE IN THE SHOW”! Over 10,000 shows performed, Mr Rogers approved with MN Music Academy/ Parent Magazine Awards, State of MN TEDDY BEAR BAND DAY Proclamations, national early childhood expert accolades and a MN Music Hall of Fame induction! B.Y.O.T.B.!

Music for radio, television or web site promotion

For sample songs for radio, television or web site promotion, just email us for music ideas and how to get the music you need.

Sample Video

Check out a live performance below! You’ll find many more on the Teddy Bear Band’s YouTube channel.

More Serious Stuff

There’s much more to a Teddy Bear Band show than music, movement and fun. We invite you to learn more about TBB’s purpose and methods in our SERIOUS STUFF section.