Sharpen up some crayons and put on your thinking cap…it’s time to get creative!

Teddy Bear Band Coloring Page

Our coloring page is formatted to be able to function as a poster. Print one, put in your event information and then copy as many as you need. Have the kids color them.

These “original art” posters attract attention because each one has a unique appearance and kids feel special because their art work is displayed in a public place!

Download a pdf version of the coloring page now!

Download Our Coloring Page!

Teddy Bear Band Bear Questionnaire

In addition, our “Bear Questionnaire” page is a good activity to distribute to remind kids and families about your upcoming Teddy Bear Band concert. Parents save these for a scrapbook and re-interview their child at different ages. Print as many as you need.

Download a pdf version of the Bear Questionnaire now!

Answer Our Bear Questionnaire!