Some commonly asked questions and answers

What are the goals of the Teddy Bear Band?

Teddy Bear Band’s music, fun, and participation goal is for children to gain and maintain a positive sense of self and an appreciation of their own abilities. Within all the fun and musical interaction Teddy Bear Band is also able to provide educational content in it’s music including:

  • Learning about music
  • Exercise and nutritional education through music
  • Environmental education through music
  • Friendship through music
  • Cooperation through music
  • Cultural education through music
  • History education through music
  • Gratitude
  • And more!

Where can you see a Teddy Bear Band show?

You can see a Teddy Bear Band show in a variety of locations throughout the Midwest including Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, North and South Dakota, Illinois, as well as across the United States with most shows centering around the Twin Cities metro area. Generally, Teddy Bear Band shows are are open to the public and are free or low cost events. The fun of a Teddy Bear Band concert for kids can be enjoyed at schools, churches, city celebrations, the Minnesota State Fair, other state fairs, county fairs, park concerts, shopping malls, retail businesses, grand openings and sports events. A Teddy Bear Band show can even be seen at an anniversary party, birthday parties, receptions, country club events, family gatherings or block parties.

Who comes to a Teddy Bear Band Show?

  • Kids! Primary demographic is preschool through age 8 and their older brothers and sisters.
  • Parents looking for an event or activity where their child will be entertained with quality fun and music that they can enjoy along with the benefit of opportunities to participate with their children.
  • Grandparents create memories and pass their family tradition of attending Teddy Bear Band shows to their next generation.

What types of music does the Teddy Bear Band play?

The Teddy Bear Band plays a variety of musical styles that encourages participation. Some of the types of music you could hear at a Teddy Bear Band show include:

  • Rock and roll music
  • Jazz music
  • World music
  • Country music
  • Swing music
  • Reggae music
  • Classic rock music
  • Bluegrass music
  • Folk music
  • Tropical music
  • Dixieland music
  • Cajun and zydeco music
  • Mardigras music
  • Oktoberfest music
  • Polka music
  • Old time music
  • Irish music
  • Holiday music including Christmas, Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day
  • Traditional music
  • Contemporary music
  • Lullaby music
  • Strolling music
  • Vocal music
  • Instrumental music
  • Accapela music

The Teddy Bear Band kid’s songs feature fun and excitement with a combination of music and movement that the Teddy Bear Band is known for.