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FUNDING (Money for FUN!)

Teddy Bear Band works with small to large budgets and performs
in a wide range of settings from intimate to concerts for thousands!

  1. The Teddy Bear Band usually performs as a 2,3,4,5 or 6 piece band with or without our mascot Panda.

  2. Solo performances by one Teddy Bear Band member are available for smaller budget private parties or for "in house field trips" for child care centers.

  3. Request our FUNDING, COLLABORATION, & SPONSORSHIP information to qualify your event for grants! Encourage sponsorship & collaboration between organizations and businesses. Email us for details!

  4. On occasion Teddy Bear Band has its own funding sources to help you.

  5. Numerous Educational Shows and Workshops are available as well as theme shows such as A Teddy Bears Picnic.

  6. Teddy Bear Band performs almost any musical style providing educational songs for children!

  7. Teddy Bear Band musicians offer age appropriate performances for ALL AGES!

  8. Teddy Bear Band musicians offers "package pricing" for multiple shows with any combination of it's show options.

Teddy Bear Band at Mall of America




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