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Participation and Interaction are TBB's Secret Ingredients

The music and fun of Teddy Bear Band is created with the intent for children to gain and maintain a positive sense of self and an appreciation of their own abilities. "Adult friendly" opportunities are provided to encourage parents and teachers to join in the fun as role models to support this process. Participation and interaction are cornerstone concepts of the Teddy Bear Band's musical shows.

Connecting with Families

Unlike many children's performers, these children's musicians do not dress as costumed characters. Over 7000 shows have proven that the Teddy Bear Band will connect with children through its sincere enjoyment of playing music for kids as themselves. Parents and kids see the band role modeling finger-plays and other activities, inspiring them to join in the fun. Children and adults receive a sense of being connected with each other and accepted in a larger context.

Real Music

Teddy Bear Band is a REAL band, playing REAL instruments, in REAL time. In this age of computers and pre-programmed entertainment, the Teddy Bear Band believes it is important to give kids a musical experience they can see and feel for themselves, as it happens!

Teddy Bears

The band's name comes from a belief that teddy bears are powerful symbols of healthy early childhood experience. Bringing a teddy bear to a show is not required however bears or stuffed friends that attend become "objects of interaction" to further inspire participation and raise the fun level! So…BYOTB if possible!

Ages and Stages

Teddy Bear Band's main demographic is toddlers through mid-elementary age children however Teddy Bear Band musicians offer additional performance options for all ages and stages.

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